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Kimono My House has had our doors open to anime fans for over 30 years. You can place orders on the phone and pay with your credit card or PayPal. The information on this website is VERY outdated and we are currently working on getting everything current. Your satisfaction is very important to us. The best way to buy things is on our eBay store or by phone.

Check out our eBay store featuring photos of our retail store! If you have never visited our store, you are in for a treat.

And remember, if you don't find what you're looking for, please ask us! Chances are we have it. Call us at 510 654-4627 or email us.

Store hours: HOLIDAY HOURS OPEN DAILY 1-5:00

What's New:

Talking light-up YM-3 by Masudaya. $175.00. Beautiful large reproduction of this sci-fi classic robot. Batteries required.
Bandai's Mothra Larvae DX. $25.00. Very cool toy crawls across your desktop. Batteries required.
The latest Ultraman Series, Ultraman Neos. $6.00. Grab these out of production toys from 1996 while you can!
Marmit Mirrorman Doll. $115.00! Completely posable figure with removable costume and two different belts.
Super Robots Mazinga Z Vinyls from Le Reve. $38.00 each! Three to choose from. Fantastic price on these excellent toys! With removable Hover Pilder.
Ultraman SD Vinyl Banks from Banpresto. $8.00 each! Choose from 11 different banks.
Godzilla 2000 Super Sound Mover from Bandai. Special $98! Regularly $129. Click here to see a Quicktime movie of it! (289Kb)
HyperGodzilla 2000 Candy Toys from Bandai. $5-8 each or get the full set of 7 for $60.00! Burning 'Zilla and Godzilla '84 are only available in the set.
"Henshin Cyborg SHISHI-O GAI" (G- 07) Takara's 12" full-poseable action figure (GI Joe-style) from Nippon Sunrise's GAOGAIGAR series. Special Price $59.95!
Due to overwhelming response to these goldies, we are extending the sale! $59.95 each -- grab these gorgeous Go Nagai gold versions while you can! Greeeeat!

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