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Kimono My House has a long history in the Japanese Anime industry. No other anime store in North America has been in business as long as we have! We believe our customer service and excellent selection are what keep our customers coming back for more. Shop with confidence!

1980 Kimono My House opens it's retail store on the roof of a warehouse in Emeryville, California. Originally a Japanese antique and kimono store, there was only one small shelf of Takatoku Macross Valkyries for sale. Kimono My House was the FIRST retail store in industrial Emeryville. In fact we are still located in the same place.

1981 Kimono My House begins importing Japanese toys and becomes the FIRST exclusive anime toy dealer in the United States. There were other Japanese Toy stores in existence, but none specialized only in Japanese Animation and Sci-fi toys toys.

1989 Kimono My House becomes the FIRST authorized sub licencee of original American anime merchandise, starting with a Lum t-shirt for Viz.

1990 We become the FIRST manufacturer of Akira t-shirts in the world.

1993 We become the first exclusive distributor in the U.S. for Shin & Company, the manufacturer of Astro Boy merchandise.

1994 Walt Disney releases The Lion King and is widely praised in the media for producing their first original feature animation. Japanese anime fans are enraged by Disney's blatant theft of the Japanese anime," Kimba, The White Lion" (Jungle Taitei). Kimono My House owner Susan Horn creates the parody t-shirt entitled, "The Lying King," which still sells extremely well.

Some of our most well known t-shirts:
Starblazers for Voyager.
Akira for Streamline.
Dominion for Central Park Media.
Gunbuster for Books Nippon.

Kimono My House continues to carry the largest variety of anime merchandise of any store in the known universe!


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